DJ Aatish Arjun, one of the most popular music producer, in the city of dreams Mumbai, started playing in the year 2012, with a dream of being a renowned star music producer someday; since then, he has advanced his skills to become one of the most sought-after producers in town. With his versatility being displayed by the wide range of foot-tapping music remixes he offers, he is the in-demand person in this field in Mumbai.

Services offered:

One can contact him for:
1. Getting their songs remixed
2. For publishing their work on his site
3. For learning remixing and music production

He has the power to set a charismatic vibe with his music, as per the client’s desire. If you are a sucker for Bollywood music and cant keep calm when you hear the electrifying beats of Punjabi numbers, then this guy is the goto music producer. He has remixed songs for many DJs playlist which includes song remixes of almost every most wanted genre like, love songs, Punjabi numbers, Bollywood hits, Bhojpuri music and even devotional bhakti songs.

Why you should choose us:

DJ Aatish’s song mixes create a thrilling environment making it an exhilarating experience for all the dance and music lovers of the crowd. His ability to understand the client’s requirement along with his peppy and stirring song remixes makes his music the crowd pleaser in any event and this has made him gain some serious recognition in this fast-changing industry. His songs bring the perfect entertainment factor in any gathering and even the shy dancers won't be able to resist swaying to his music. DJ Aatish also has uploaded many of his remixed numbers on this site, which any song lover can download to get an idea of his expertise. If you are interested in learning more about this industry or want to learn how to remix songs, you can contact him on his email or phone.

For Bookings:

For any further queries or for booking the most recommended music producer personally for an upcoming event, you can click on the ‘contact’ section of this site and contact us through phone or email.

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